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Located at 5505 NW 7th Ave in Liberty City, we are registered as one of 27 free health clinics in the state of FL. The clinic is in its beginning stages as we are currently stocking supplies and getting clinic furniture. Working with Americares, our national medical supplier, the clinic will be stocked and in full operation starting February 2022. Our population will primarily be those that are uninsured, underinsured , houseless in Miami. The clinic is well positioned next to our community partners: a free community fridge, clothes donation site, and a community center. The clinic will start by offering free health screenings and essential medical treatments; once established, we’ll move to a more robust range of services such as women's health, imaging and lab work, and vaccinations like any other urgent care in Miami can offer. There’s already been an outpouring of interest from community physicians who will volunteer for part time community service work. This site can also serve as a teaching site for our medical students and residents.

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